“Written in the Stars” DragonCon 2019 Ask a Character Panel Clip and Transcript

[The “Ask a Character” panel featured voice actors answering audience questions in character, from the character’s perspective. To distinguish the voice actors from their characters, TeamPurpleLion will label each as such.]

Audience Member: Um, hi guys. I have a question for Shiro and Lotor. I went to Kimberly’s panel yesterday and someone asked her about her favorite ships on the show. And she said despite the fact that it has its problems, she’s very much a fan of Allura and Lotor. Thoughts?

Lotor: Um, I would say that Lotura is the superior ship, obviously. [pause for audience laughter and cheers] I mean, we were clearly destined to be together. I don’t know if you noticed the stars at the end of the show, but they– we were written in them, as it were. [pause for audience laughter and cheers] At least, that’s what I see. But they’re up there in Space Heaven cuddling and spooning actually. [pause for audience laughter and cheers] Or “we”. I’m talking in third person and I’m getting very confused.

AJ LoCascio: [laughter] Um, I don’t know. [indistinguishable] Or are you saying in real life?  [laughs] They’re dead!

Random audience member: Are you confused?

Lotor: Um, I’m so confused. It’s an out of body experience. That’s why–

Shiro: Or a melted body experience.

AJ: Hey! 

Josh: Too soon?

AJ: Too soon! [laughter]

[audience laughing and playfully booing]

Moderator: I haven’t seen Voltron, what am I missing?

AJ: Don’t worry about it. 

Moderator: Oh, okay.

[audience laughing]

Shiro: Stuff.

AJ: Yeah.

Shiro: Uh when it comes to ships I used to think I really liked the Black Lion but once I got the Atlas– [pause for audience laughter] [indistinguishable] it’s the only robot up in the sky. It doesn’t need any other lions. 

Lotor: You cheated! That was the safe answer. You should have said Sincline.

AJ: [laughs]

Shiro: Well the Sincline’s okay, I gotta say–

Lotor: I like it. It’s got, it’s got arms. And a tail.

Shiro: I really like how the legs move. 

Lotor: Yeah!

Shiro: Well, they don’t really look like legs until you look at ‘em for a while. And then they start to look like legs. 

Lotor: Yes, designed after my long, luscious legs. 

[audience laughter]

Shiro: I’m not gonna touch that one.

AJ: [laughter]

Audience member: Thank you, guys.

VA’s: Thank you.

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