Free Voltron Legendary Defender Season Eight

The FreeVLDS8 Campaign and corresponding hashtag are precisely what they sound like.  Initially fans were horrified and heartbroken by what was released as the final season of Voltron: Legendary Defender.  Riddled with toxic messages from condoning abuse and vilifying trauma victims, to slut-shaming to homophobia (and many, many more), fans were shocked after what had been promised as an innovative and inclusive show.

As time went on, evidence accumulated that this was not the intended final season and that not only did it not align with the Executive Producers’ vision, but had been catastrophically altered after its completion in July, 2018, into the season that was released on December 14, 2018.

#FreeVLDS8 is a plea from the fans to the Intellectual Property holders to release the original version of the final season as the Executive Producers intended the fans to see.

It is a tag that spans three different groups of protests, uniting #TeamPurpleLion’s research, CallVoltron’s activism, and the Petition with over 30,000 signatures advocating the release of the uncut season.

The fandom isn’t asking for a do-over or a remake; they’re asking to see the original season that had already been completed.  They are asking the Intellectual Property holders to make right the mistakes they made.