Rise and Atone Episode 1: Launch Date

Rise and Atone Episode 1 integrates two missing scenes back into Launch Date. 

Special thanks to the following people:
PrideArts, our artist for these comic panels (Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram)
Ten Bond, as Shiro (YouTube)
Bones, as Keith (Twitter, Instagram)
Alyssa (Karavsaya), as Pidge
Lotor and the Generals, for the amazing opening and closing tracks (Twitter, Instagram)

The first is based upon glitched background tracking found in the scene in which Keith and Lance talk during the sunset. The purpose is to provide emotional resonance between Shiro and his closest friend, Keith, as well as reintegrate narrative weight toward Keith, as the leader of Voltron, beginning to question a decision that affected not only one individual but an entire universe.

The second reintegrates a missing scene in which Pidge sends Beezor to take a picture during Lance and Allura’s date. It provides an explanation for why Beezor happens to be out so late as well as further narrative weight toward Pidge putting others’ feelings above her own, a lesson she will later teach another character. The scene also provides foreshadowing for a larger story world event.

10 thoughts on “Rise and Atone Episode 1: Launch Date

  • October 25, 2019 at 8:53 pm

    I don’t think shiro would call keith “abrasive” … one, it isn’t a compliment to be called that, and even though the fandom is full of homophobes the fact remains that shiro loved keith before straight people ruined the last season and a half and decided shiro couldn’t interact with keith anymore because keith couldn’t be one of the main characters and have gay gay germs on him (that is presumably why shiro was no longer a main character after he was “outed” in episode one of season 7). and two, keith isn’t abrasive. he’s a good respectful guy who genuinely cares about people. he’s just socially awkward sometimes and he wasn’t socialized the best because of poverty/classism, racism, and other factors including the fact that other people are dicks (james, lance, 80% of the voltron fandom). not because of anything wrong with keith.

    and if this last season fix it is going to take the coward’s way out and be “ship neutral” then why is pidge upset about lance and allura? don’t think you’re getting away with promoting a het ship just because being het can be promoted as “neutral” in a homophobic society …

    • October 26, 2019 at 10:07 pm

      Hi Jaime, thanks for sharing your concerns. It sounds like you were upset by some of the content in the first episode. Just to let you know, we’ll have a commentary video coming out soon that hopefully addresses a couple of your concerns here.

      Regarding Keith, I do agree he cares very much for others. Although yes, his life experiences do contribute to how he reacts to other characters, Keith can come off as abrasive — that is, terse or harsh — at times. I can definitely relate to some of Keith’s socially awkward tendencies. Keith, like Lotor, is a well-rounded character. It’s okay for the characters we love to have weaknesses in addition to their strengths, and that’s exactly what Shiro is pointing out. He loves Keith for who he is, and that includes all his qualities.

      Regarding Pidge’s reaction, although I hope our commentary video, which will be posted soon, gives some insight into our decision to include this scene, I have to admit I’m a bit surprised to hear that extrapolating further on Pidge’s upset that is already present within the episode as aired on Dec 14, 2018 is interpreted as “promoting” a particular ship. Our intent is to provide narrative closure to opened arcs — Pidge’s feelings included — and all seven paladins will end the series as platonic friends. Pidge’s feelings are brought up in the originally aired Launch Date and then never addressed again in the season. That’s a problem and it needs closure. Fair warning, if Pidge dealing with her feelings is bothersome, you might want to bail before several other characters’ feelings are addressed. However, if you decide to continue watching I think you’ll find that if we include something in the early story it is specifically because it relates to character and plot development further down the road.

      Thanks again for sharing your concerns and we hope you have a good day!

  • October 29, 2019 at 11:17 pm

    La escena de Keith y Lance no tenían por que quitarla básicamente es vital para el cierre de su supuesta rivalidad

    • October 31, 2019 at 6:17 am

      Tienes razón, dejamos la escena de Keith y Lance porque son compañeros de Voltron y es importante que poner fin su rivalidad. Es importante para Keith y Lance, pero también para todos porque tienen que trabajar juntos para derrotar a Honerva. Si miras la siguiente escena, Lance viene después de que Shiro se va, solo insertamos la conversación de Keith con Shiro antes de la escena de Keith y Lance!

      Gracias por ver!

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  • December 2, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    You are great people! It is awesome project. I am huge Sheith-lover. Are they together in original story??? Pleeease say yes!

    • December 4, 2019 at 3:23 am

      Thank you! We’re so happy you like our work, our volunteers are all amazing. We are confident that Keith was supposed to be gay, but because he’s a legacy character, the IP had some issues with that and it was cut out. This directly influenced Shiro’s arc and their relationship, and part of the edits included removing emotionally significant relationships between Shiro and the rest of the cast, so we can’t say for sure if they are a romantic endgame or not, sadly. What we do know is that their relationship–whatever form it takes–is significant to the original plot. After all, one of VLD’s major themes is love and all the different shapes it can take.

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